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Grey Limbo


Our mission: "Glorifying God by proclaiming and living the truth in Jesus' name"






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In keeping with MABC's mission of "Glorifying God by proclaiming and living the Truth in Jesus' name" we try to zero in on a number of ways to grow and develop as believers in Christ.

Pastor Andrew Thurlow

The MABC family would like to introduce

to you our NEW Pastor.

Andrew comes to us having been an Elder and Part-time Associate Pastor in IDA, Michigan. Andrew has a heart to preach and share the gospel. He is married to Rachel for 13 years; and they have 4 children. Andrew spoke as candidate on June 18th and 25th, after having filled the pulpit on several occasions during the pastor search. On June 25th the congregation met with Andrew and Rachel asking their own questions. Later, the membership voted 100% in favor of extending a call for Andrew to be our pastor, which he graciously and excitedly accepted.

We anticipate Andrew commencing full-time duties in mid-July, taking the pulpit for the first time as Pastor on July 23, 2023.

MABC was established by a number of committed pioneer families, in 1954, as Calvary Bible Church. The church may have changed its’ name, but has remained fundamental, conservative and independent. 


It has always been the goal of this fellowship to worship our Lord and Savior and reach outside of our “four walls” to make disciples. We trust that God's love is seen in and through us as we share in this Great Commission!   Come join us and become a part of the history yet to be written.




​Our VISION is a church that intentionally focuses on helping our people to:

WORSHIP - praising our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in spirit & truth

EVANGELIZE - witnessing the Good News to others

DISCIPLE - growing new believers into mature believers

FELLOWSHIP - sharing relationship and communion “in Christ”

MINISTER- caring for the needs of those in and outside the church

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